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Get to Know Us

From New Orleans to Leith, one couples dream of a doughy future


In the beginning ...

We got the idea for the Kilted Donut while on honeymoon in New Orleans.


We found a great donut shop that we ended up visiting every morning. We was already looking to make a change in our careers and thought this type of shop was something different that could fit in Edinburgh

We spent the next year working on the dough recipe and force it on friends and family.  We decided to start slow, so while we kept working full time jobs we began operate stalls at markets, such as Leith Market, Pitt Street Market, and Balerno Market.

From our small start in Leith we have grown, we opened a second location in Stockbridge and an off-sight kitchen and then came Grassmarket.  Sadly due to a combination of rising costs, not great locations and the cost of living crises it was with a heavy heart we closed our Leith and Stockbridge shops.

The future is bright, this year we are expanding !!! 

Our kitchen space is doubling in size, we are adding more staff and a new location will be coming soon.

Mark & Lena

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